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Water Transfer Printing Patterned Film
Product name : Water Transfer Printing Patterned Film
Product No. : 20161219115624
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Patterned Film
Water Transfer Printing Film

Water Transfer Printing is one kind of the finishing technologies to coat the desired pattern on a 3D curve. In order to make the surface beautiful and add the value to products, we can apply this technology to transfer-print the patterns like wooden grains, marble grains, carbon fiber patterns, camouflage patterns and even your own designs on it. It can be applied to many industries such as automobile parts, vehicle parts, household appliances, shoes, furniture. Almost every kind of materials can be applied, especially plastics.

The main process procedure: jigging, base color coating, film activation, spreading film on water, transfer printing, washing and top coating. The newest technology for the water transfer film is used by inkjet printer with water transfer ink and film. Any customized image can be transferred on the objects.

Key Words
Water Transfer Printing Film, Hydrographic films , 3D cubic printing film, Liquid Transfer Printing Film, Aqua Print Film, PVA Water Transfer Printing Film.

Film Patterns
Carbon Fiber, Skull, Camouflage ,Wooden, Marble& Stone,, Animal Skin, Cartoon, Royalty Pattern…

 High Quality with higher positive feedbacks from clients around the world.
 Competitive price at small order, Big discount for large order.
 Best After-sales service: we provide you water transfer skill training, Helpful advises.
 Various Film Patterns
 Customization: We can also print your own design, please send us design picture in .AI format. The film will be your royalty pattern. We will never sell your royalty pattern to any third parties.

Steps for Water Transfer Printing
Step 1: Tape the borders of the film to limit the expansion of the film when placed on the water surface and pull off the stabilization paper of the backside.

Step 2: Place the film on the water and fix it.

Step 3: Apply the Activator-B to liquify the film and wait about 45 seconds till the film is completely liquified.

Step 4: Dip the object into the film with an angle of 35-45 degrees to avoid air bubbles.

Step 5: Take out the object, flush away overhang parts of the film, wait till it is dry and apply a clear top lacquer as protection

Below is several patterns for reference, more patterns choice please click: PATTERNS STOCK

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